Anyone watching the pamirs on gebay?

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Re: Anyone watching the pamirs on gebay?

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Oh wow, what prices. I got curious and wanted to look at the auctions at gebay, but I didn't find any.
I looked under "pamir" and "tragetuch". Is that correct...? Or dos anybody have a link?

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Re: Anyone watching the pamirs on gebay?

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The auctions ended right before midnight on 1 December, some after midnight so on 2 December. You were either too late, if you tried searching just before you wrote that post - or perhaps you didn't use the right words. The listings were in English, not in German, so tragetuch might not have worked. I tried searching for Pamir, but found that searching for Vatanai gave more accurate hits.

They were even more expensive this time than the summer auctions... I ended up with a 5.0 two weeks after the auctions ended. The winner didn't pay for her (I assume it's a she :lol: ) purchase, and I was offered it. I'd put in a bid just to see if I'd win, I was really after a 3.0 (and didn't get one). To my surprise I was the second highest bidder on that wrap, which was - by far - the "cheapest" 5.0m, so I've been really lucky. Well, lucky enough to pay loads of money for a wrap, anyway. 8)